Iván Plaza Rosales

Doctor in Biomedical Sciences. Universidad de Chile, 2020.
Magister in Neurosciences. University of Chile, 2017.
Medical Technologist specialized in Ophthalmology and Optometry. University of Chile, 2012.

Research assistant

Contact: ivanp@uchile.cl

Iván Plaza Rosales, entered the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Chile to develop his undergraduate studies, subsequently obtaining the degree of Magister in Neuroscience and Doctor in Biomedical Sciences, working during his postgraduate training in Cognitive Neurosciences. He did a doctoral internship with Stefan Treue and Igor Kagan at the German Primate Center, Gottingen, Germany. He joined the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Chile as an academic since 2014.

1. Visual perception: Vision is one of the senses with the greatest contribution of stimuli to our brain. Knowing how it works is key in both physiological and pathological processes. Along these lines, we study possible electrophysiological markers through the recording of brain electrical activity and eye movements.
2. Brain connectivity in neurodegenerative diseases: Our brain has the ability to establish a large number of networks for the development of different tasks. Both the electrical and visual activity generated by this communication is modified in people with neurodegenerative diseases, and its study can help in the search for biomarkers that contribute to the early diagnosis of patients.