Visiting members

miriamMiriam Schwalm

PhD (ABD) in Neuroscience, Universität Mainz
Line of research: Role of neural state switches in early motor planning and sensory processing.

danielaDaniela Huepe

Doctoral student, University of Melbourne
Line of research: Social cognition and executive function in dementia.

Maria Inês Meyer

Master in Biomedical Engineering and Biophysics, University of Lisbon
Line of research: Processing of neurophysiological signals.

Billy BauzileBilly100x100

Bachelor of Frontiers in Life Science, CRI Paris
Line of research: Analysis of electrophysiological data dynamics in humans and animals.

shintaroShintaro Izumi

PhD student, University of Osaka


marieMarie Faye

Engineering student, École de Biologie, Paris


patPatience Stevens

Neuroscience student, MIT


matiasMatías Cavelli

Biologist. Master of Neuroscience student, Universidad de la República, Uruguay
Line of research: Neurobiology of sleep.